Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Power of Yoga

Pin It My legs were super tired yesterday after a weekend filled with longer runs followed by an interval workout on Monday. I decided I'd try a yoga workout instead of something more intense (yeah, right). I just so happened to read a post on POPSUGARfitness yesterday regarding which yoga type burns the most calories and Vinyasa (also known as flow yoga because one move flows into the next) won out, so that is what I searched for on YouTube.

Sidenote: if you don't use YouTube for workout inspiration, you are totally missing out! There are so many FREE options and full workout videos to try!

Anyway... I searched for Vinyasa on YouTube and found one for beginners that was 35 minutes long. I pulled out my trusty Aspen Yoga Mat and began to breathe....

Today, I can hardly raise my arms! (Where she did chaturanga on her knees, I went ahead and did it full out on my toes.) I did feel relaxed while doing the workout, but afterward my muscles ached and I could tell I had gotten in a quality workout.

I paired the yoga with this Amanda Russell lower body routine for a total workout time of 45 minutes.

Wishing you luck on your fitness journey! Let me know if you'd like me to post something specific!
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