Monday, June 24, 2013

Bag Boredom

Pin It I'm currently suffering from bag boredom -- handbag that is. I have been doing really well lately and not purchasing a purse every time I go shopping, but it has resulted in a lack of excitement in changing out my purse with one of my "old faithfuls".

I have a handful of handbags that I just can't get rid of: some classic old-school Coach handbags, Fossil leather satchel, a floral Big Buddha, just to name a few. Throughout the year (monthly or twice monthly) I get bored and rotate in one from my collection. Usually, I feel a touch of excitement to be using one of my old favorites. Lately though, I've just been luke warm on the idea of changing it up. I go through my tote of purses and feel no excitement. This can only mean one thing: time for a new handbag!

Now to decide whether I want classic or trendy, whether I want to be frugal or get something that will last... Oh the decisions! A few of my current obsessions are Coach and Kate Spade. Coach, for its endless selection of classic handbags that can be used year after year and season after season. Kate Spade for its bright pops of color and cute patterns. Oh, what to do! Here are a few of the ones that I'm loving right now.

Coach Legacy 

Kate Spade Grove Court Lainey

This one is on Glam Designer Resale Boutique Also by Kate Spade
 What styles of handbags are you lusting after these days? I'd love to hear from you!