Thursday, March 21, 2013

Am I Totally Insane?!

Pin It Okay, so you all know that I am into fitness. I don't like to call myself extreme by any means, but I do like a good workout. I like a good variety and I do kind of enjoy being a little sore. I'm a big fan of Tracy Anderson, Jillian Michaels, Amanda Russell, CrossFit inspired YouTube videos and of course I like running.

Last year, my husband and I competed in our first mud-run/obstacle race and it was super fun. But rather than go up a small step to a Warrior Dash, we are taking the plunge and have signed up for a Tough Mudder. Yes, this is the military drill-inspired race where one of the obstacles is to run through a bunch of live wires, some sending a jolt of 10,000 volts through your body (I just got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it). Another of the obstacles involves swimming/walking through ice water (with actual ice in it). you're thinking that I'm extreme after all and maybe a little bit insane.

The race isn't until June, but I am already nervous about it. Oh, I forgot to mention that it is roughly 12 miles (the last mud run that I did was about 3 miles). I've been Pinning like mad all the various training plans and preparation suggestions.

Not only am I nervous about the obstacles, but I'm also nervous about doing the race with my husband. As many of you know, my husband is an elite runner. He's competed in the Olympic Trials twice and he still trains at a very high level. I'm worried that I'll significantly slow him down. Even though he tells me that we're doing the race just to do the race, not to win it, I'm just not sure he knows what that's like. Good news is that I have nearly 3 months to get into the best shape of my life. That means not only do I have to be strong in the area of endurance, but I also have to be strong in my arms, legs, and core. Cheers to new experiences!


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