Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ipsy Versus Birchbox

Pin It I subscribe to two different beauty-box services. The basics: complete a profile, pay $10 per month and the service sends you a box/bag of beauty deluxe samples and sometimes a full sized product or two. I started over a year ago with MyGlam (which is now Ipsy) and it's created by Michelle Phan and her team of friends/colleagues. The Glam Bag comes as a make-up bag with a theme (for instance, this month was The Great Escape) plus 5 deluxe samples. Along with the perks of the samples, I also receive coupon codes for all the products in the bag, ranging from 10% off to $25 off. This is my March bag (it contained La Fresh makeup removers, GlamRX compact, Juicy Beauty Hydrating mist, and two Yaby eye shadows):
The other service I subscribe to is probably more widely known, Birchbox. I have been a Birchbox subscriber for eight months. I started it thinking that I would end my subscription to MyGlam, but that just never happened. Birchbox is nearly identical to MyGlam in terms of the service provided. I pay the $10 monthly fee, complete a profile and then receive a box filled with 5 deluxe samples and sometimes a bonus lifestyle item, such as a hair band, a piece of chocolate, a coupon. Here is my March bag (it contained Caudalie eye cream, Madewell for Birchbox emry board, Vasanti Enzymatic face wash, Stella Cadente Parfum, and Serge Normant dry shampoo):
Overall, I love both boxes and it is still hard for me to try and give one up. Birchbox typically has more of the more common luxury brand names. Many of the MyGlam brands I have never heard of (though, don't get me wrong, they have been great products). Neither do a very good job of following my profile (oily, acne prone skin, eye color, skin color, etc.) Both provide a great mix of products. MyGlam has had more full-sized products than Birchbox has had, many of them nail polishes. Birchbox gives you points for completing reviews of the products. These points spend like cash in their online store. It is for this reason that I will likely discontinue the MyGlam/Ipsy subscription and keep the Birchbox one going. 

This type of subscription service is growing to encompass so many types of desires. They have a Birchbox for men, there is a box for workout wear, dog treats/pet supplies, Naturebox is a monthly snack box. There is no end to the creativity that this concept has ignited! What type of box do you subscribe to? I'd love to hear about it!

Oh, and if you're interested in trying out one of the above services, here are some invite links for you!


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