Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Clairol Natural Instincts Glambassador Challenge

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I'm not sure if I'd actually call this a challenge. I had the opportunity to receive a free Clairol Natural Instincts hair color kit from Glamour Magazine and Clairol. My "challenge" was to take before pictures of my hair, use the color kit (I did get to choose the color that I wanted), and then provide after pictures and a testimonial. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous as I haven't colored my hair myself since I was in college and I've been going to the same colorist for the past 8 years. (For you hair stylists out there, I did come clean to my hair guy and tell him that I signed up for the challenge and that I was taking matters into my own hands with a demi-permanent hair color. I'd hate to try and deceive him as I have a horrible "poker face" and I know he would ask when I came in next). 

With sweaty palms and agonizing over it for days, I finally picked out my color choice. I tried to choose one that would be close to my current color. I ended up choosing #12 Toasted Almond (this just happens to be the same color that Giada De Laurentiis uses -- see below)

The color is a light golden brown and came in the mail just a couple of weeks after the challenge announcement. It didn't help my nerves when my husband saw the box and said, "wow, that's really dark, I think you overestimated how dark your hair is." Being a person who does not go back on my word and also one who doesn't back away from a challenge (plus this is a pretty low commitment risk as the product lasts for 28 shampoos and it just so happened that I found a gray hair in my center part earlier that morning -- yikes), I went for it. Then entire process took me only 20 minutes (that includes the application, the 10 minute wait time and the conditioning rinse). It was super easy, mess free, and very quick.

The results are amazing! I love it! The color is a subtle change and added dimension to my color, which was in need of new highlights or something (see my before and after pics below). It also seemed to condition my hair rather than damage it. At times when I catch my reflection on a sunny day, the color seems to add a bit of a reddish color that makes the green of my eyes really stand out. All in all, I would definitely use this product again.



Thanks Glamour Magazine and Clairol Natural Instincts!
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