Monday, January 21, 2013

Lucky Dog!

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I know that my previous post was titled "Winner Winner..." and that when you get the subject of this post, you'll be saying, "well that lucky dog". It's true, I'm pretty lucky. I am also persistent and thorough. I enter EVERYTHING (hint: odds are better of winning when you enter)! I follow numerous blogs, enter every contest that I come across on Facebook and Twitter. I enter magazine contests, daily giveaways, EVERYTHING!

Recently, I entered a StyleWatch StyleHunters contest for Dior mascara. The first 100 or so to respond to an email won a free tube of the iconic brand's DiorShow Mascara (which I love, by the way and you can read my review here). After being one of the lucky ones to receive the mascara, I wrote a rave review on by blog, I posted on Facebook about this amazing product, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it! It is because of this that I was one of a handful to be selected to receive $200 in Dior products! You can imagine my excitement  Well maybe you can't. To give you a glimpse of what my excitement looked like, I actually jumped up and down doing the ol' fist pump -- you know the one (think Napoleon Dynamite). Yes, I know, this makes me a total nerd, but hey, in the name of $200 in Dior beauty products, I'll take one for team and be nerdy any day!

I chose six products from Dior:
I already knew that I loved the DiorShow Mascara so I wanted to try a different version. I tried to order the NewLook mascara, but it was out of stock so I went with this one. This mascara has a rubbery brush that allows you to separate  your lashes while you coat them. I am not as graceful with the rubbery brush and typcially end up with mascara in places other than my lashes. However, I do really like that this mascara does not clump and it doesn't weigh my lashed down -- no tarantula lashes here, thank you very much!

I have not tried Dior foundations before and I was a bit hesitant, but I happened to need foundation, so I went for it. I searched online until I found a chart that allowed me to compare my current color of Clinique foundation (Stay Matte Foundation #9 Neutral) to what would be the equivalent color in Dior foundations (#30 neutral). I went with it and ended up very lucky -- the shade is PERFECT!

This foundation is different than my other mineral powder foundations. It actually feels cool on my skin when I first apply it, like it is wet. It is a very sheer coverage and because of my flare up of acne over the last few months, it does not provide enough coverage for me right now. I do apply it after liquid foundation for additional coverage and mid-day to zap any shine. I love the feel of this foundation and will be using it once my skin clears. 

This is, hands down, my favorite product out of this recent product haul. It looks like a clear balm, it glides on like a balm, and then bam! it turns pink and looks like sheer lipstick. It is supposedly supposed to bring out the natural shade of your lips. I'm not sure if that's the case, but the color is amazing and looks pretty natural, all the while feeling like regular, moisturizing lip balm. 

Before the LipGlow
After the LipGlow 

Nail Lacquer in Blazing Pink and Shadow
So far, I have only tried the Shadow. I like the polish, it goes on nicely with a thick brush. It seemed to stay put a little longer than drugstore brands. I would not purchase these nail polishes at $23 each, but I am enjoying them as a "prize". 

All in all, this is one of the best prize packages that I have ever won. The most excruciating part was choosing the products. Dior has so many great products, all with fabulous reviews. If I had to do it all over again, I'd choose exactly the same products (except maybe change out the nail polishes with another Lip Glow). 

Thanks StyleHunters for the opportunity!
Until Next Time,

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