Saturday, July 14, 2012

Skinny Cow -- Oxymoron or Just Plain Brilliant?!

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A few months ago, I got a web coupon (you know one of those that you get for"liking" a brand on Facebook). Anyway, I "liked" Skinny Cow on Facebook and received a manufacturer's coupon for some of their sweet treats (found in the candy isle). I picked up a box of the "Heavenly Crisps". And let me tell you... they are indeed heavenly AND they only have 110 calories!!

Psst, I keep them in my drawer at work because I know they would disappear within only a few hours here at home!

Now, if it wasn't exciting enough for me to get $2.00 off a box of candy bars, added to the fact that these delicious bars are low in calories AND super yummy, but on top of all of that I received a coupon for a FREE box of Skinny Cow ice cream treats courtesy of Glamour Magazine on Thursday! I didn't wait an hour between getting the coupon in the mail and running to Safeway to redeem it! 

All of the choices made my head spin, there were SO MANY delicious looking treats! I decided to go with the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches. These are every bit as good as regular ol' ice cream sandwiches, but they only have 150 calories! I have found my new favorite snack. The only trouble is that they are a little pricey without the coupons, so my suggestion is: "like" them on Facebook, download the coupon, and then hide them from your friends and family so you can enjoy every last one of them! 

Okay, that is a little harsh and actually, I did share the ice cream sandwiches with my girls already and they loved them too! 

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