Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to the 80s

Pin It Don't stop believin' just hold on to that feelin'... Now that I have you all journey-ing back to yesteryear - AKA - the 80s, I'll show you some of my favorite trends that I thought we'd never see again as well as a few that we could live without, kind of like Mr. Roboto...

Colored Denim: I thought I hated this trend, but it's growing on me! I just purchased a pair of cropped green jeans from the Gap and now I WANT MORE! Check out these super cute ones from Express

Get them at AND use this 20% off promotion code. 

Neons: Again, I thought I wouldn't go there... but I bought this super cute neon boyfriend shirt  in neon coral from Victoria's Secret and now I'm obsessed. They have a super cute neon pink zip-up hoodie that is on my list at the moment! 

One shoulder dresses and shirts: I have yet to purchase a one shoulder top or dress, but it is on my list! Like this one from Express.

Off the shoulder shirts: along the same lines as above, this shirt has two arms, but the wide boat neck allows for one shoulder to be exposed. I have a few shirts like this. One is in a cobalt blue with short sleeves and the other two are long sleeves, one with stripes and one in a neon pink.

Blunt bangs: of course this is one of my favorites! I've been sporting this look for nearly a year now and love it!

And now for those trends that still make me cringe!

The mullet

Mid-riff baring shirts

I know there are more, but for now, there are my top 2!

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