Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And the Winner Is...Sally Hansen Crackle

Pin It I had given up on painting my fingernails. It seemed like I would get them painted and then by the next day, they would be chipped and looking tacky already. Recently, Glamour Magazine sent me 8 bottles of Sally Hansen's new Crackle overcoat. The Crackle comes in various colors and can be worn over virtually any color of polish that you already own. The effect is amazing and I can't really describe it, so check out the picture:

This is Fuchsia Shock Crackle over Pedal to the Metal (silver) base coat.

                                              Of course my girls had to try it out as well!
oHere is a reversal of what is on my fingernails, this is pink on the base with silver Crackle overcoat.

And here it is 5 days later! Just a tiny bit of polish missing on the edge of my thumb. This is why I love this polish. Well, one of the reasons why anyway! Wait to see my Husker Game Day manicure! There are so many combinations; I can't wait!!

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