Sunday, August 8, 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry When they Should be Dancing

Pin It I read this quote in the August 2010 Self Magazine. It just made me smile. I was, at the time, experiencing stress about a situation at work (see my August 1 post titled Line Between Friend and Boss) and this quote just hit home.

There are so many other ways to spend my time besides stressing over a situation that I have no control over. My best friend said to me, "just be glad it isn't your life that is all messed up." So true, so today each time my mind wanders in the direction of my uncontrollable work-friend situation, I AM GOING TO DANCE!

I probably will think of something else to do during my work day. If I break out and dance each time the "situation" crosses my mind, people will think I've gone mad!

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