Saturday, August 15, 2009

Red Shoes

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Every woman should have a pair of red shoes. I said that very phrase to my husband a few months ago and he laughed (but didn't disagree). Then, I found the cutest pair of red platform heels last weekend. See them here. I walked away, telling myself if I still "needed" them, I would return to the store and buy them. When I returned, they weren't open! I'm still kicking myself for not buying them when I first saw them. They were at a store called Cato Fashions in Kearney, Nebraska. Of course there is not a store anywhere near my community, so I'm out of luck. My husband said, buy them online (he never says that)! But to my horror, their website does not allow transactions. I guess I'll have to live without red shoes, or maybe just without those red shoes!

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