Monday, September 23, 2013

Sparkly Soul - A Chance To WIN!

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Have I mentioned that these are the best. headbands. ever.? Well, they are. I won some awhile back and I love them so much, that I am dying to own some more! I also shared my winnings, so I only have 2 of the bands currently and they come in SO many fun colors!

I wear these everyday, both for working out as well as for my go-to weekend hairstyle (messy looped pony on the top of my head with one of my SparklySoul headbands). So it is clear that I need more of these fantastic little accessories and workout gear musts! Check out their Facebook page for your chance to win as they always have a contest going on. Or, if you can't wait, head to their website and order some. They are worth the money! 

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