Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aaaahhhh, Breakout Alert?

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What is going on, people?! How old am I? Why can I not out grow my acne? I'm not stressed, I didn't change makeup formulas...I'm not doing anything differently, yet I am breaking out like a teenager!

It's not new information that I have suffered from acne most of my life. I've been on prescriptions, both pills and creams since I was in my early teens. In fact, I'm still on prescriptions today. I've got an arsenal of various types of cleansers, exfoliating formulas, and over-the-counter creams, none of which seem to be working. I've tried drug store brands and department store brands, as-seen-on-TV brands, and even some home-made solutions.

Ideas? I'll take 'em!

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