Sunday, February 6, 2011

Too Late to Chicken Out

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As I have mentioned before, my husband is a very accomplished distance runner. He has competed in the Olympic Trials Marathon on two occasions and continues to run on a daily basis in spite of the miserable temperatures. Take a look at the picture I snapped of him on Monday morning when it was -10 with wind chills as low as -40. His shoulders and neck have frost all over them from condensation!

He inspires me. I was NOT a runner when we met. In fact, I thought that 400 Meters was long distance! Now I dabble in running a bit. By dabble, I mean that I run for fitness and run about 3 miles each day (when I'm into running as opposed to exercise videos or other cardio programs). I max out at about 5 miles.

Some friends of mine convinced me to sign up for a 1/2 Marathon that will take place in May. I am already getting nervous! Our training starts next week, so I'll keep you posted! Here's to me not chickening out!

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