Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Five Miler

Pin It I did my first 5 mile training run on Sunday morning in Denver while we were enjoying a weekend get-a-way. I was supposed to go 4, but the weather was perfect, the wind wasn't blowing, and the trail was packed with people enjoying the sunny morning.

I got to my 2 mile turnaround point and thought, why not go out another 1/2 mile? At mile 4, I was rethinking the whole thing! My legs were tired and turning to jello as I returned to the hotel. But I had done it. Not only was my run done for the day, but I also got past a pivotal moment in my training -- 5 miles is a big deal for a 3 mile runner!

My planned day of shopping in Denver wasn't looking so enjoyable anymore of course, but inside I felt great at the accomplishment. Now, to tack on an additional 8 miles....Yikes, wish me luck!

Until Next Time,

My husband warming up for his
10 mile race with our 3 year old.

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