Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winter Days

Pin It Winter is approaching, actually it is here weather-wise. Today the high was only about 23 degrees and we have a half a foot of snow on the ground! With winter comes dry skin, dry hair, and dry lips.

So, what I'm looking for is your "best of winter" product referrals! From you favorite methods of hydrating skin to how you keep the frizzies out of your hair. Anyone try that new massage therapy formula from Blistex yet?

A few of my favorites are Essential Repair products from Pureology. The serum to protect and condition seems to work really well in fighting frizzy hair. Another of my favorite products during the winter is any Nivea lotion. It keeps me from getting itchy dry skin all through those winter months.

Your turn! I want to know your recommendations! Just post them as a response to this post on my blog by October 31! I'll compile the results and post them by November 15.

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