Friday, September 18, 2009

The "lob"

Pin It Now that I have my newly cut tresses into a sleek, chic bob, I find out that it is "so last season"! What is in right now? The lob (long bob). Check out some of these fashionable ladies sporting the grown out bob cuts.

I know mine will get there, but I'm sure by the time it does, something else will be this season's trend and I'll have missed the fashion train again! I go in trends myself. Each year in about September, I decide that I am going to grow my hair out. I'm going to see just how long I can get it this time. Then when spring hits in April/May, I am ready for a fun, short style. My hair gets to about shoulder length and then it just starts to bug me. Even after I fix it, it tends to hit my shoulders and then flip funny and look un-fixed. My answer is to cut it. This year, I'm putting it on my blog for the world to see, I am growing my hair past my shoulders! This is the year! I think it will help that I have a nearly 6 year old daughter that is obsessed with long hair, so she should keep me on track. At least until Taylor Swift cuts her hair short!

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