Sunday, June 28, 2009


Pin It Well, I can hardly walk today. What was I thinking doing intervals yesterday after a month long hiatus from running?! My legs are pretty sore, but you know what? I feel fabulous! I love being sore; it always reaffirms that I did something! Of course, I was going to do Self Magazine's Brazilian Butt workout tonight and I'm going to chicken out! I think I'll do my usual push-ups and hit the sack.

Last night I did a detoxifying facial mask from Beauti Control after a late shower. It felt great. My sister is a consultant with BC and so I'm always trying something new. I have touchy skin, or a better description would be acne prone skin, so I'm a little careful as to what products I try. You'd think I'd out grow the acne tendencies. I use age fighting cream along side prescription acne gel! Is that an oxymoron or what?!

Better sign off, I need to get my beauty rest!
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