Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Perfume Lovers

Pin It Okay, so I am admittedly a perfume addict. I have so many bottles that I can't even tell you how many! Full size products, samples, gift box size, you name it! So you can imagine my excitement when the UPS Guy (yes, that's an official title) dropped off a packet from Glamour Magazine containing a fragrance by Thierry Mugler. The fragrance, Alien Essence Absolue, has hints of amber, vanilla (though I can't pick out the vanilla - which is a good thing for my tastes), and floral notes. This scent is truly out of this world (Oh, come on, you saw that one coming). It is subtle enough that you want to take a stronger whiff, but strong enough that you want to find out more - get a closer smell. The verdict: I'll be using my little sample until every last drop is gone! I'll work it into the rotation alternating with my current faves: Marc Jacobs Lola and Chanel Chance.

To purchase, check out Mugler.com

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