Sunday, October 14, 2012


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One of these days I'm going to get up the nerve to wear red lipstick....outside of the privacy of my home, that is! I put it on and it is so startlingly bold, that I totally chicken out before leaving the house. I think mostly because my typical lipstick look is neutral/natural gloss or a very light pink. It could also be that I don't apply it quite right.

Today, I practiced. I exfoliated my lips and then put on my favorite balm, Blistex 5-Star. Then I tried the Revlon Shanghai Collection in Red Lacquer. After that, I cleaned the house (mopped, vacuumed, I even Clorox-wiped the girls' toys!) I did not, however leave my house with my glamorously red lips. Maybe because I'm a chicken, or it could have been that the rest of me didn't look so glamorous in my running capri pants and t-shirt!  

 I found this video by Michelle Phan where she tries several different shades of red lipstick. The trick is finding a shade that matches your skin tone. I am pretty fair complected.  Maybe I'll save this look for Rock the Red Day in March!

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