Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Horoscope: Believe it... or Not?

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I've never been much of a horoscope follower. That is not to say that I don't believe in the horoscope, just that I don't bother checking mine unless it is right there in front of me. I read it occasionally in my magazines, but that's about it.

Today however, I was on Twitter and one the people that I follow (who happened to be an Aquarius like me) posted her/my daily horoscope.  Aquarius Twittascope, Wednesday, November 23, 2011. It was nearly right-on in terms of accuracy as to what is going on right now in my life! That lead me on a search for more!

Here are some others that I found that also seemed to capture my current life state.  Maybe there is something to this whole horoscope thing after all...

The next four weeks is the time of new beginnings for you. Use the weekend to really tune into yourself and your desires. You are at a starting point. Let go of the old in order to make way for the new. This change will bring much

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Work issues may not be easily solved but you will find the solutions you need. You rush to finish work a little early so that you can go through the preliminaries for some family plans. The opportunity is perfect to stop and enjoy an evening meal with family members. Perhaps someone will help you with the errand running before the big social coming up soon. You have a natural sense for communicating with others, especially those younger than yourself. Clear thoughts about the past may also be flowing in today. Making peace with the past is essential now and it's the only way you can get to the future you want. Home, family or real estate is one of the interests that require a lot of discipline now. It would help to make a to-do list for tomorrow.

Do you have a favorite horoscope site? Post your favorites and I'd love to check them out! 

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