Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Love of Denim

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Is it just me, or is anyone else obsessed with jeans?! My husband thinks that I should have 2 pairs of jeans only. After all, I dress up four days a week (thank goodness for dress down Fridays!) and only get to wear jeans once or twice in a week. I think what I'm actually obsessed with is finding the perfect pair of jeans. I want snug, but not too tight; long enough for heels, but short enough to have the flats or boots option; dark wash; light wash; bootcut; skinnies; distressed and torn; crisp and semi-dressy.... There are so many things to look for that 2 pairs would NEVER be enough!

Thanks to Glamour Magazine, I received a pair of Style & Co jeans (sold at Macy's). They are a tummy control style in a dark wash. They are a bit higher waisted than I usually wear, but all-in-all, they are pretty comfortable and flattering. They are a dark wash in a bootcut and they were completely FREE! Thanks again Glamour!

No, this is not my behind in Miss Me Jeans. This pic is from the Miss Me website.

I also recently purchased a pair of Miss Me jeans (my first pair from this brand). They have somewhat blingy pockets, but not so over-the-top that I look like I'm trying too hard.  The fit is great! I love that they fit the same at the end of the day as they do in the beginning. AKA, they don't stretch out so much that I have to pull them up all afternoon. The pair I purchased has a 33 and a half inch inseem, which is a bit long, even for my heels. I haven't decided whether or not to get them hemmed. 

All in all, I know that I only wear jeans once or twice each week, but doesn't that make it even more important to love the jeans I'm in?

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