Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mid-Year Review

Pin It Ever notice how in January we're totally motivated to make life changes? We set resolutions to lose weight, to exercise more, to spend more time with family, and so on. I'm not sure what the statistic is, but I'm thinking that something like 89% of people are back into the same pre-New Year habits by the end of April. 

So, here I am in August and I find myself doing a Mid-Year Review of my life. I've fallen off the wagon in the exercise department (good news is, I looked up some Tracy Anderson workouts on the computer tonight in hopes to inspire myself to workout tomorrow morning), I am doing a pretty good job at spending more time with family, I'm slacking in the "eat more vegetables and fruits" department, I eat the same breakfast everyday, my job is...going fine...

I'm a big list person, so I've created a list of Mid-Year Resolutions:
1. Exercise at least 5 days each week
2. Say no to at least one evening commitment per week
3. Organize my closet (yikes)
4. Actually complete one of the sewing projects that I purchased a pattern for
5. Eat more fruit and vegetables

Hold me to them! 
Until Next Time,

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