Sunday, January 30, 2011

Glam Mini Me

Pin It I have been stressing out the last few weeks while planning for the annual celebration that my organization puts on each year. It is a major event that features awards, a comedian entertainer, and, of course, a few words from the director (aka, me).

I am a person who likes to be prepared. I don't like to come up with something witty "off the cuff" or plan on being so inspired by the event that I'll come up with something meaningful to say. I like to have every single word of my speech memorized, down to my witty comments that seem "off the cuff"!

Therefore, in the few days leading up to the big night, I recited my words while getting ready in the morning, on the way to drop the girls off at school/daycare, on the way to/from work, etc. On Tuesday evening my girls were playing in the playroom and pretty soon, I realize that they had incorporated into their play my speech! They are walking around with their babies, being "work girls" and talking about accomplishments and working at such a great organization!

Needless to say, the event was held on Thursday and was a huge success (sigh of relief) and hosted over 250 people. I was prepared and did not stumble on my words - whew!

Now to prepare for next week, where I have to speak in front of 1-200 people that I don't know, including the Governor, at the State Chamber meetings....many deep breaths!

Wish me luck!
Until Next Time,

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