Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Pin It There is something about autumn that makes me feel a little restless. Restless in several life areas, such as my career, whether or not I want to have another baby, even my exercising routine is getting old.

Perhaps it is the changing fall colors, the unstable weather (it could freeze at any time), or just the whole back to school - back to routine time of year, but I'm itching for a change! If you asked me right now what I hoped that change would be, I would not have a response. I love my job, though sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. I love not having to buy diapers anymore and being able to sleep through the night (most nights), though I also cry when I think that my youngest just turned 3 and will soon not want to snuggle with me! I love that I finally found an exercise routine that I'm sticking with and it's relatively painless, though I may have hit a plateau.

So with no real direction to go for this needed change, I'll simply dream about the possibilities that each would bring - a career change, a new baby...

A new career would likely mean a new community to live in as I have a hard time picturing myself working at a different job in this same community in which I currently work. I would feel like a traitor in a way! The idea of a new community has it's lure as well. Would we stay in our home state, if we did, would we remain in the general region? How far away from my family could I go? Now I have a lot to think about!

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