Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I love shoes!

Pin It I am absolutely, positively, over-the-top infatuated with shoes! I found a treasure of a boutique in a tiny little town in Nebraska that sells designer labels at a fraction of what they go for in the city. The store is a mixture of new and gently used items that come from a consignment store in Connecticut. I have found several brand new items that you'd cringe if you knew what I paid for them! For example last year, I found a pair of slip on, black patent, crocodile Jimmy Choo pumps and I paid only $7 for them! A couple of months ago I scored a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels for little to nothing!

I itch to get to that store, but only get to go so often. They have no website and they are only open two days a week for 3 weeks out of the month. I also have to pace myself so as not to give my husband an attack (he seems to think that all you need is one pair of black shoes, one pair of brown ones, and then running shoes). It does help that when I look my purchases up online and tell him that I got $600 shoes for only $7!

Now I'll be dreaming about new shoes!
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